Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lifestyle: Thank You Cards

Saying "thank you" is something that we all are use to saying when someone goes out of their way to do something nice or pay a compliment, the first thing that you will say is thank you! But how about taking "thank you" a step about sending a handwritten thank you card?

Most cases when a thank you card is being sent; it's because you have either attended an celebratory event where you purchased a gift, you have been interviewed for a job etc...I think you catch my drift.

Now here is where that step further comes into play....if you are in a management position at your employer and your team(or employee) goes above and beyond on a task or project, or a classmate helped you study for that final exam you have been dreading and you received a passing grade or maybe your mentor (or a mentor in your head) said or wrote a message and it spoke right to you. These are instances where you can send a nice handwritten thank you card thanking that individual. 

When writing your thank you note...SPECIFY why you are thanking that individual.

Let me add...I have not sent a thank you card in a while(insert shame face here), but I plan on it, because lately, I have been purchasing some of the cutest thank you stationary cards just for this reason. 

Thank you card stationary does not have to cost an arm and a leg. I normally purchase mine from either TJMaxx, Marshall's or the dollar spot at Target. Such as the ones below.

What are some reasons you would send a thank you card? When was the last time you sent a thank you card to someone? 


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  2. I have boxes of cards. I believe that people like to receive things in the mail other than bills, so I love sending cards. While I definitely believe that you should send thank you cards to help those who have helped you. But you really don't need an excuse to send a card. Send a thinking of you or a just because. You never know how much you can brighten someones day.

  3. I love giving out thank you cards to those that do sweet things for me or my kiddos without me having to ask. It's a cute and simple way to let people know you appreciate them.

  4. I love thank you cards. I sent one for a bereavement check-up recently. Your post is a reminder how much I should send them more. (Especially since I love making them). Thx

  5. Haaa... I literally gave a "Thank you" card today, I love sending handwritten notes and small gifts as a token of appreciation to surprise ppl when they least expect it. It's such a nice gesture and added touch of joy to bring a smile to someone's face.