Monday, July 4, 2016

I did the Peachtree Road Race!

My number

Y'all.....I did the Peachtree Road Race here in Atlanta today! WHAT.AN.EXPERIENCE for a 1st timer like myself.

The Beginning...why am I looking upset? lol

I got in the race by default. My sister friend was unable to do the race and my sister asked me if I would join her and my niece this year. My 1st response to her was HELL NO no and that I would be going to go to the gym in the morning. But 15mins later I called her back and said, yes I would go with them and boy am I glad I did.

Whitney, Mary and I

I met a new friend along the way just before the 1mile mark-her name is Dale. She befriended me because she wanted to know what the "B" stood for on my Beats by Dre headphones-plus she also liked them because they are pink. Let me tell you about Dale....she got me thru the race! Her enthusiasm and encouragement pushed me thru that finish line. Every person she saw, every person she knew even the on-lookers cheering everyone on she told them this was my 1st time doing the yearly Fourth of July race-they even cheered for me and gave hi-fives. I'm so grateful for Dale. She took very good care of the newbie. I think I have a new bestfriend. What a feeling!

Dale-halfway there

Dale and AP

Oh, did I mention that this is Dale's 32nd Peachtree Road Race? Talk about inspiration. Dal  told me to meet her next year, same time and place but this time we will be wearing pink tulle dresses. lol

Dale made it to the Finish Line!

Will I do the Peachtree Road Race next year? It's too soon to tell. My body will be the deciding factor when I get up in the

I made it!

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