Monday, April 18, 2016

Dear Whitney....

Dear Whitney…
It seems like yesterday, I had just moved to Atlanta and my duties as your aunt Shuggie kicked right in. As you know, I’ve been an auntie for a long time, but you were more like my own child. I went from picking you up from daycare daily to attending parents’ day when your mom & dad was unable to attend. That was just one of the best days of my life when it came to caring for you. Oh, and another highlight was us singing our favorite song by Nelly “Air force One” on many of days riding out through Atlanta. I would look into the rearview mirror and we would sing together and you would be thee happiest little girl in your car seat singing… “Give me 2 purr(in Nelly’s voice, lol)” and throwing up two fingers. Too cute!
Moving forward to 2015….you have now obtained your driving license and that’s when it hit me-while I was a passenger driving with you- that you are no longer that little girl that need me. You are no longer that little girl in that car seat, our roles has reversed as you are now driving me around these days. I was not ready for this day! You would no longer need me to hold your hand, as you are now turning into a young adult and will now be making decisions on your own.

Now were in 2016….I’ve taken you on your last spring break trip as a high schooler. We had a great time at Panama City Beach. Prom was this past Saturday and you looked absolutely beautiful and I was in awe of the young lady are you becoming….and in a month, I will be seeing you walk across that stage accepting your high school diploma and in the fall you be attending Georgia State University.

These last 12years, I have truly enjoyed seeing you grow up into a young adult and I can’t wait to see what the next 12 years and beyond will bring. Just know, I will always be here every step of the way.
I love you, Whitney!
Auntie Shuggie.

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  1. Aweeeee....this just makes me cry. You are the best Aunty ever!!!! I am sure she feels the same way. By the way you have a very beautiful niece. Congrats to you and your family.