Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Natural Hair: Straight to Curly with no Heat Damage!

I love natural hair! It's so versatile. You can almost create any style your heart desire. Although, I wear my hair in its curly state 80% of the time, I like to switch it up and have it straighten at times.

Natural Curls


Straightened :)

A few weeks back I decided to straighten my hair and after a few days it was time to return the curls, using my favorite hair products for proper maintenance and styling.

Maintenance products used to restore my curls

Styler and Moisturizer used to hold curls together

Upon washing my hair, I wasn't worried about any heat damage to my hair. During this time I used the flat irons only twice.

And Voila....no heat damage!

Back to curls, back to life!

How do you protect your natural hair while styling?

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  1. Your hair looks fabulous in all three styles! Love it!!!!