Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Target Beauty Box-September

Hey girl, hey! Do you love Target like I do? If so, you are going to love them even more, because they have made my love for them grow fonder with their beauty box. 

Target Beauty Box is not a monthly subscription service, so that means when they create a box and add it to the site for sale, you have to purchase it right away, because these  babies sell out quick. I would know I missed out on a few of these in the past, but I did manage to get one for September. 

The beauty box is created from the aisles of Target with some of our favorite brands we use already or have been wanting to try. These items can be: makeup, hair products etc....

I'm especially excited for this box because it contains most of my favorite things that I currently use. Check it out....

Now I know you are wondering...how much will this cost the pockets? Well this months box cost...**drum roll please** $5.00 and shipping is included! The retail value of this box is $19.00

Now for my pros and cons of the beauty box

Deluxe samples of items
Free Shipping

No exact day/month when the box will be available

You can order you a Target beauty box here


  1. Nice!!!! I never knew these existed! I'll definitely be keeping an eye for them!!

    1. Q....I will keep you in the know when I find out about the next one

  2. so do you just have to keep going back into the site everyday to check it? lame!!! but I want one lol

    1. Giselle....girl yes you do, but I will let you know on the next one if I don't miss it, lol

  3. Great box. Its too bad that they don't offer a subscription service because they would blow some of the others out of the park. I guess we all just have to "stalk and hope" we are lucky the next time, lol.

    1. Right F + S! It's definately a "stalk & hope" thing, lol. Target would definitely be in the top 3 of subscription box game.