Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fruit Infused Water

Water, water, water this is what we hear often....drink 8-10 glasses a day, but what if you're not a big fan of water? There is quite a few people who do not care for the taste of water. For me...I love me some water, actually it's my drink of  choice majority of the time. But what happens when water get boring-and it does- and you're wanting something with some flavor? You get your favorite fruit(s) and make some fruit infused water.

Yesterday I prepared my water with 2 of my favorite fruits, lemon and strawberries and let it sit overnight so that the water will be full of flavor.

I boil my water before I add to the fruit

Fruit with the water...ready for refrigerator

 In addition to lemons and strawberries giving our water flavor; they are beneficial to our health as well. Check out some of the benefits...


Help prevent cataracts
Fights bad cholesterol
Reduce inflammation of the joints


Are rich in vitamin C
Warm lemon water flush out toxins
Helps cure common cold

Do you make fruit infused water? If so, what fruit(s) do you use?

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