Monday, August 31, 2015

How I'm going to Blogalicious for under $200

As I prepare for my 1st blogger conference, I said that this year, I will be at somebody conference getting the blogging word preached to me. I didn't care how much it was going to cost me, but I was going to be there(Yikes!! Where will I get all this $$ come from?).  Now as the conference is nearing(9 days away to be exact), I can't help but to think about how I will attend my first blogger conference for under $200!

Yes...$200! I typed that correctly. See when you attend a conference that is not held in your city, this is where it can become expensive. You have to think about lodging, how you will arrive to the host city either by plane, train or automobile and last but not least purchase of the event itself. All these things here can be well over $1000.

Let me tell you how I made it happen. 

1. I applied to be apart of the Blogalicious Social Squad as a volunteer and I was selected. So, in exchange for a few hours of volunteering each day to help make the conference run smoothly, I get to attend the conference for FREE!! The retail value of the conference is $199.

2. Blogalicious is being held in Baltimore, MD this year. I started pricing tickets in July into August. The tickets were going for about $214-280 depending on the day. The end of July I flew into Miami and on my return flight, I volunteered to give my seat up for a flight voucher. I was able to use that voucher for my flight trip to Baltimore and still had change left over. My flight cost me $244. Yes, I am flying for FREE!!!

3. For lodging, solicit roommates! To stay at the host hotel for the conference for 4 days, in a room by myself it would have cost me around $760 for my time there. I solicited other bloggers who was volunteering as well to see if they were in need of roommates, so now I am rooming with 3 other bloggers to offset the cost. With the cost of the room($716.00) and incidentals(which will be refunded) for the whole weekend will cost me $179.00! #winning

I saved a total of $980.

Have you attended a blogger conference before? How did you budget for your 1st blogger conference?


  1. Wow, just wow. You got the most awesome deal. Enjoy your experience. I will see you in there!!

  2. You go girl! That's exactly how you do it!