Monday, May 4, 2015


For about the last 5 years I have been dealing with having High Cholesterol.  Every year this is an on-going discussion with me and my doctor and it always  ends with her telling me " you have got to get this under control, Bobbie, I don't want to have to put you on medicine to help control it." But somehow I always convince her to let me work on lowering it myself with out being prescribed something. Well that has since changed.....

March 30 was my appointment for my annual well woman exam, during this visit blood is drawn for numerous tests: Iron, thyroid, HIV, diabetes, hepatitis C, vitamin D and of course the lipid panel to test for cholesterol levels. Now here I am preparing to talk her out of prescribing me medicine when she call me with my results, because I know I have not been really pro-active in lowering my cholesterol, but it still didn't help to try-again.

On April 14 my doctor called with my results and all my other blood work was good except my cholesterol and my vitamin D levels-again (may write a post later on this, smh). As I listened to my doctor give me the news I have become accustomed to hearing year-after-year, I was still preparing for my year-after-year speech as well. Nope, not this time...she was not having it! She started explaining to me that I am at risk of having a stroke or heart attack and that I need to do a "Lifestyle Modification" which will include being on medicine. 

Let me give you some numbers:

Normal Range for Cholesterol Total: 125-199         My total Cholesterol: 252  

My LDL (bad cholesterol) is 171 and my HDL (good cholesterol) is 59 Yes, this is extremely high! 

I would be lying if I said I don't know why my cholesterol is's high because of fast  food! :(

So, how will I be lowering my cholesterol?

  • Exercising (currently)
  • Low fat diet
  • Eliminating fast food (the culprit in this matter)
  • Cooking more at home
  • Taking my medication as prescribed
  • Adding wheat bran(helps in lowering cholesterol) to my oatmeal and smoothies daily

Yes, I bit the bullet and decided to let my doctor prescribe me the medication. I did it because I failed her year-after-year saying I will do better and never did. Also me and my doctor relationship is like a marriage...give and take. The agreement is that I will take my medicine(lipitor) 3x a week, continue to exercise and eat clean. then in 3 months (July 15th) I will go back for blood work and if my cholesterol has lowered, I will come off the medicine for 3 months continue to eat better and exercise and do more blood work and if its has lowered more I can come off the medicine for good. You see how that work? It's a win-win for both of us.

Do you know anyone who is battling high cholesterol?


  1. Girl! Get this under control cuz I still need you! I'm glad you're listening and making changes. High cholesterol is no joke!

  2. Hey Cris....I am going to get it together girlie! Thank you for always being the fabulous you.

  3. Yikes! That is an exceptionally high number, Bobbie. I will say that it's great that you've pinpointed the culprits of your high cholesterol and that you and your doctor are working collaboratively to get it under control. The main reason I'm not tempted by fast food is because I don't have a car to drive around to fast food joints and I also spend a lot of time at home, which means most of what I eat is homecooked. Good luck with lowering your cholesterol levels. Maybe meal planning and prep can help?


    1. Drea....girl I know. I couldn't fight with my doctor any longer on this matter. I'm always at a fast food spot because out of pure laziness...but that has changed now that I am finally doing something aboutmy cholesterol levels. Actually, meal planning and prep will help tremendously. I will be incorporating that well. I plan on beating this, Drea. Thank you!