Monday, April 27, 2015

Review: UBER

Hey guys! I just landed back in Atlanta from Detroit and I had to come on and tell you real quick about this new personal taxi service called UBER. 

I flew into Detroit this past Friday and decided to try UBER to transport me to Enterprise Rent-A-Car for my rental. I was skeptical at first because I didn't know what to expect or how it really worked. I also didn't know anyone personally who tried UBER either. So, I did some social media research for some reviews and was surprisingly pleased with what I read.

What is UBER? UBER connects riders with drivers within mins in various cities thru their mobile app 

Check out my quick process requesting my UBER driver:

Once a driver is requested...the driver name, license number and time of arrival is showm

A free ride! Yesss!!!!

Full receipt via email detailing my ride

  • You can reach a personal driver within minutes via the UBER app
  • Payment is via credit well as the tip
  • No $$ is involved between driver and rider...not even a tip (see above bullet)
  • My driver was very personable
  • You can select the size vehicle to suit your needs
  • Once contact is made with the driver, you can see from your phone the approximate time of arrival of your UBER driver
  • I received my receipt via email detailing my ride and fare
  • My first ride was FREE...yes free! UBER will give a code or you can search for a code for your first ride


  • None

As  you can see overall I was pleased with UBER and it was extremely easy to use. I most definitely will use this service again. 

Have you tried UBER? If not, would you give them a try?

You can read about UBER here.


  1. We love Uber around these parts. Kai takes it more than I do because it's so convenient and cheap. We especially take it when neither one of us wants to drive to hair appointments all the way across town. Yes Bobbie! Welcome to the world of Uber!

  2. Crisa...I'm so glad I tried UBER. I will be calling them during my next traveling needs. Very convenient service.