Monday, March 2, 2015

My Red Hawt Calvin Klein's Sexy Specs

I been wearing glasses since forever. Actually, I think I came out my mother womb with them on that's how long I been wearing them, lol and now in my early 40's I'm still wearing them. Early last month I went to America's Best Eyeglasses to get me an eye exam and some new sexy specs.

A young girl with the Sexy Specs, lol

As always, I never know what frame of glasses I am going to end up with but this time around I knew I didn't want to play it safe with the color of my frames. I was getting  bored with the same ole black and brown frames. After my exam I told the lady that was assisting me that I wanted some red frames. She was like..."really?? I have the perfect red frames for you." I was like cool...let me see them. Before I even put them on I was like I want them!!

The Try-On

I quickly put them on, took a pic and posted on Facebook and Instagram to see what the people thought of the "Red Hawt Sexy Specs" the feedback was great. Most liked them....others like my sister and two of my nieces was on the fence about them. But because I like them as soon as I saw them I still purchased them....along with a black pair. But the red pair is my everyday wearing glasses. Both glasses one name brand and one non name brand cost me total $139.00 without using my vision insurance. Which is great!

Heading to work

When my sister and nieces saw them in person, they actually liked them.

Do you like themselves? Don't they remind you of the Sally Jesse Rapheal Red glasses, lol?



  1. Ok, I really like those! But let's talk about how cute you were as a little girl! OMG! That hair is adorable!

  2. $139 isn't bad at all, Bobbie - that's an impressive deal. And I think the red frames totally suit your complexion and hair color. I'm going to check out Target first and then America's Best when I start shopping for specs this month. P.S. Yes, your glasses remind me of Sally Jessy Raphael's specs. Gosh, it's been so long since that talk show was on-air. I'm surprised I remember her.


    1. Thanks Drea! I can't wait to see you in your new specs! I know she been off the air since forever. I liked her talk show. I just dated myself! Lol.