Friday, March 13, 2015

Beauty: NYX Perfect Red

Heyyyyyy **waving**

Y'all should know by now I love me a lippie. So, the other day I stopped by my lovely Ulta Beauty and was just looking around for nothing in particular. When this beauty caught my eye.

Now I know all red lipsticks are not created equal, but the name caught me by surprise "Perfect Red" so I wanted to see if it was indeed the "perfect red"

  • Cost $4.37
  • It's a Matte 
  • It's a true red 
  • Moisturizing
  • Stays on well
  • Goes well with all skin tones

  • None

Review: I have two other reds in my lipstick stash and I can tell this is going to be my go to and it will definitely be getting some miles put on it. This lipstick I didn't have to add a moisturizer on my lips before I applied-which is a great thing for me. NYX Perfect Red is very moisturizing and true to an actual red. I don't have a red in my daily beauty bag, but I think I have finally found the one. This lipstick is similar to MAC's Ruby Woo just not as drying and the price is right! 

What's your favorite red lipstick brand and name?


  1. That lipstick is the, Bobbie. You're the second blogger I've come across who's said nothing but good things about it. And the fact that you said there are no cons with this lipstick means that I have to get it and test it out for myself. The color payoff looks amazing.


    1. Drea....girl it is have to buy one more to put in my beauty bag I keep with my over night bag. You have got to get it for yourself. You're gonna love it. It's HAWT!!!

    2. I'm excited to try it. I just have to remember next time I'm in Ulta.

  2. oh wow i love that color! and for less than $5??? really? i'm going looking for that. looks pretty on you. i've been wearing marc jacobs,"clara".

    1. Heyyyy Cris! Thank you! Girl, gotta check it out. It's so worth it. I'm gonna have to check that "Clara" out

  3. Woowwww....You look gorgeous. That is your new color. I would have never thought it cost so little. You should stock up before they are sold out, because you are selling it.

    1. Thank you!!!! I'm really liking it. And yes, I did pick up another one. :)

  4. oooh girl that looks great!!! I absolutely love a good red lip