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Oreo Madness: Red Velvet Oreos {Limited Edition}

Monday, February 2, 2015

So, it really wasn't a hoax. There really was Red Velvet flavored Oreo cookies in the making.

This rumor started last year stating the company was going to release the newly flavored cookies around Valentine's Day 2015. After much speculations and no official announcement from Nabisco on such a thing, a lot of us Red Velvet fiends fans had our hopes all up only for it be knocked down. But I was still hearing whispers that our dream was going to come true, so I put it on my calendar just to make sure "IF" it wasn't a hoax I would be ready and wouldn't miss out on these cookies and lawd....Jesus fixed it!!! Jesus fixed it!!! lol

Then Nabisco started teasing again referencing they're may be such a cookie coming soon. They play too much. Just stop it! LOL. Then this happened:

Oreo tweeted this today........

Thank goodness I was off from work today and I went right to my local Kroger and picked up 2 bags of these yum yum goodness for $3.99. One I will keep at home and one I will share with my co-workers tomorrow.

Review: They are OK. If you love the original Oreo's then you will love these. They taste exactly like the original Oreo, but I had to keep in mind it stated "Red Velvet Flavor." Because the cookie taste like the original Oreo cookie, it was hard for me to tell if the filling taste like cream cheese. The cookies are in a smaller package than the regular Oreo's. The Red Velvet Flavored Oreo's are available for a limited time.

I will be  keeping these for my nieces/nephews because they enjoy anything sweet.

Are you a fan of anything Red Velvet? Will you be trying out the cookies yourself?



  1. I planned to try them, but since you state that they clearly taste just like the original Oreo cookie flavor, there's no point in me wasting my money. I'll pass on these...

    Drea -

    1. Drea....taste just like it. But it would be cool for Valentine's Day. I may take these to my niece/nephew school since they are my love bugs

  2. I have been looking for these as well. I feel a late night trip to Kroger coming on. I want to use them to make some special cookie pops for my son's Valentine's Day treats for their classmates. I am also looking forward to trying them as they are. How was the cream filling? Does it taste like cream cheese?

    1. Apryl....the feeling is lighter and taste like cream cheese

  3. I Dont really like oreos butnim a huge red velvet fan so if I can talk hubby into it I will be trying them! Lol

    1. Toya, that's me..not a fan, but I love anything red Let me know if you like them