Friday, February 6, 2015

No Spending Freeze {Natural Hair and Beauty Products}

Ladies let me tell you being a product junkie is real and I confess right now....I am a product junkie! I promise you at least every pay per period I am buying either some natural hair products or feeding my MAC or NYX cosmetics obsession. Then I realized...I have a problem and I need to get a grip, so I decided to put myself on a "No Spending Freeze" for the month of February. This way it gives me a chance to use products I already have and save some money.

Now you know I did not start this freeze without purchasing a few products I had been eyeing before February 1, right? Yeah, I had

These products total together were: $58.00

So, here I am 6 days into my "No Spending Freeze" and I have not had the urge to stalk browse any beauty or natural hair sites or had the urge to want to go buy anything. In a months time I can spend anywhere from $70-$100 or more. Yeah...crazy, I know!

I am looking forward to using what I have in my possession now...and let me tell you, I have plenty.

Can you relate to my obsessions? Have you gone on a spending freeze on something that you truly like?


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  1. Hey Bobbie! I'm not on a spending freeze per se, but I have been more cautious of how I spend my money because it's limited due to my lack of employment. When I used to have a job, I'd make biweekly trips to the mall to buy stuff that I didn't need. I slowed down on the excess spending when I had to start saving money to move back home from college.

    PS. It's crazy how natural hair products cost so much. It's almost similar to how organic, healthy food is more expensive than is processed foods.

    Drea |