Sunday, January 25, 2015

With This Ring Movie on Lifetime

Ladies, how many countless conversations have you and your girls had over a glass of wine about some of you all friends getting engaged or getting married?" Or when you question yourself "When will my time come?" I am definitely guilty of this! This is exactly what "With This Ring" was all about three friends Regina Hall (Trista), Eve (Amaya), Jill Scott (Vivian) try and defy the stereotype of being single and unwed. The three ladies set out to get married or engage in one years time by any (safe) means necessary...even in an once unconventional dating(I will tell my story about this on another post)!

And some aspects of it touched really closed to me....lawd!!!! Like.....

  1. Liking someone you can't have
  2. I filled my day-to-day with other things to not focus on being single
  3. I used to think (in my younger years) that I would be truly happy engaged or married
  4. I was once engaged, but called it off 2-weeks before the wedding

I must say that this movie was hilarious and if it would be a mini-series on Lifetime I would definitely tune in weekly to watch. If you hadn't watched it yet, it will show on Lifetime many more times so be sure to watch.

Did you watch With This Ring? If so, did any part of it hit close to you?  


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  1. Bobbie, I think your idea of this movie being a weekly TV series on Lifetime is spot-on! "With This Ring" would have been better as a sitcom than an actual movie. To me, most of the movie felt rushed, which I believe had a lot to do with the fact that it was based on the vow that the main characters would each be married in a year. So, naturally they had to speed up the pace of the plot. Overall, nothing really hit home for me. The movie was woefully predictable (but what romantic drama/comedy isn't?) and there was nothing about it that I took away. I think I'm just over the "Woe is me - the single, successful, beautiful Black woman" storyline. I'm yearning to see Black women exist outside of the romantic/sexual context within film and TV. I mean, it's not like all Black women desire to be married or even equate marriage with happiness.

    1. Yes, I can definately see this as a sitcom. Also, it was very predictable...especially Jill Scott character....Jill characters lose in the beginning and end up "winning" in the end in most people eyes. Oh and Drea, I'm waiting for that movie too girl.

    2. Actually, I was lurking around twitter and saw a tweet from one of the directors saying they want the movie to develop into a sitcom. So it may happen! :))

  2. I recorded it and will watch it this weekend. But if this is about a bunch of women wanting desperately to be married, I just might pass. Kind of over those types of story lines. I can honestly say, I'm happier single! ;)