Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas List: What to get your favorite guy

Hey ladies!! Christmas is 5 days away, which means there are 4 shopping days left  and you still haven’t gotten your favorite guy a gift yet. Maybe because you’re a last minute shopper like me or maybe you just don’t have the slightest clue as to what to get him, and if the latter is the case then I’m here for you.

What better way to find out what a man want for Christmas than to ask a man himself, so I rounded up a few of my guy friends and asked…..”What is the one gift you would like to get for Christmas from your girl?” and the answers they gave me, you would have thought Christmas was that day, lol. They were excited. A couple of them have women, so I hope these items are on their wish list and Santa’s girl will deliver.

A watch: Not the everyday watch, a watch they can wear when going out on a date or on a special occasion.

Beats by Dre: Now….all the men were excited for this baby. Rather they are catching the train to work, getting a workout in at Planet Fitness or chiilin at the crib (their words, lol), Beats by Dre will definitely get the heads bobbin’. I told the guys…I think you all will use this to act like you won’t hear your girl call your name, because it blocks out the noise, lol.

Tickets to favorite home game: I mean what man does not want to see their favorite team play a rival team? 

Cologne: Now the guys was like this is a win-win for the man and their woman….he smells good and she will want to be up on him. I can dig it, because there is nothing like a good smelling man….lawd!!! lol

So, there you have it ladies…a few gift ideas for your favorite guy. Happy shopping!


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