Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bye's been real

Hey there! In just a few more short hours 2014 will be behind us and 2015 will be upon us. As, I look in the rear view mirror of 2014, I can honestly say it was a good year for me. I was healthy, my family was healthy, I met some cool friends, I reunited with my niece after 10 long years, I became a great-aunt again and I received a promotion at my job. So, yes 2014 was good to me...and yes, there was a few bumps in the road but nothing really much mentioning, so I will leave it just where it my mental storage space.

For 2015, I am not making resolutions, but I am setting small attainable goals through out the year. Start small, and big things happen!

How was your 2014? Are you looking to do bigger better things in 2015?



  1. 2014 was just an okay year for me. I graduated from grad school and got my Master's degree, which I would be proud about except that it's taking me so long to find a job. I won't complain too much, though; I'm sure this is just a test of my patience. Congratulations on your job promotion - that's more money, I hope. And that's such exciting news that you were able to reconnect with your niece. Much more success to you in 2015, Bobbie!

    1. You go girl on obtaining your Master's Degree!! That's awesome! You will get that job that best for you, so be ready!

      Yes, it came with more $$...and I"m thankful for that, I don't know if I should say I deserved it, but it w as time...what hell yeah I deserved it! Lol

      Yes, since the reconnect with my niece its been nothing but joy. She's in Michigan but says she moving here to Atlanta this year...I'm excited!

      Much success to you as well, Drea! I'm looking forward to seeing all the good things in store for you. 😊