Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life: Promotion, Dating and other randomness

Hey guys! **waving** Life has really gotten busy for this girl. About 2 weeks ago, I received a promotion at work and when I say things have been going so fast since then, I can hardly keep up. I was promoted from a Health Benefit Specialist to a Supervisor within the same department. So, along with my title change, my workload has changed as well. I am excited for all the challenges-and experience that will come with this change. Oh, and this baby finally came in, my Iphone for my job(my tracking device as I call it), lol….now I’m waiting on my Ipad and laptop and then I will be officially chained to my J-O-B!! lol. I'm team #android so now I have to learn how to use this phone.



In other news....I’m single again. Long distance relationship is not for the weak-and it’s a lot of work and both people have to be dedicated, so we decided to take a break.


Me and some girlfriends are going to Savannah, GA for the weekend to hang at the beach, have a couple of martinis and of course indulge in some much needed girl-talk!

My birthday is in 12days and I have no plans to do anything…actually I come back from Savannah on my birthday. I guess I better get to thinking what I’m going to do, huh?

Then last, but not least…I am heading to Michigan at the end of the month for the holiday weekend. I’m always excited to go home to Michigan to catch up with family and friends. There is no place like home.


Until next time,



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