Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Weekend Recap: Baby Shower, Family Fun and a Small Mini Beauty Haul

Where did this past weekend go? It’s already Wednesday(and another weekend is about to be here) and I still have not fully recouperated, but it was a good weekend to be amongst my family.  We are always so busy with our separate lives, but when we come together it’s always a good time.

My niece Shanna baby shower was Saturday and I can’t wait for baby girl Dozier to make her arrival into the world. We had a good time at the shower. The food and cake was delish. My niece was glowing and smiling the whole time. She was happy so that made her family and friends happier.

My niece Shanna

Shanna, her husband Jermaine w/ the big brother and sister Maya and Jayson

Then after the shower I hung out at the mall with these beauties…my other nieces. They are always fun to hang with, lots of laughs and the best part of they didn’t require me to spend my $$$$ on them…at least that day they didn’t, lol

My loves nieces Whitney and London
This girl know she hangs with her Auntie


Auntie w/ her nieces Whitney and Ashley(sisters)

While at the mall…My niece Ashley told me how Sephora has a device that matches your skin perfectly for foundation. I’m not much of a makeup girl, but I was intrigued so we headed to there and let me say…yep, I ended up purchasing me some foundation by Buxom. Then we headed to MAC and I purchased the Viva Glam VI lipgloss and then headed to Target to purchase some conditioner for my hair.

I can't wait to try out my products :)

As Ice Cube say, Today (Saturday) was a good day.

How was your weekend?

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