Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Babe Healthy Lifestyle Box

This weekend-June 14th- is my babe birthday and most do not know that I am in a LDR (long distant relationship). My babe is on this lifestyle journey of eating better and losing weight. To date, he has lost 100lbs and I am so proud of him. But because we are in two different states, I wanted to do something for him that will help him along on his journey.

I am one of them girls who really listens to my family and friends as to what they like, don’t like etc……and when events come around such as birthdays, anniversaries etc….I like to give gifts and try to make gift cards as a last resort. I love to see the expressions/smiles on their faces. So, I was listening to my babe tell someone on his FB page that he wanted to get a blender so that he can make smoothies, since he said that it has always stayed in my mind, so it was perfect for me to make him a “healthy lifestyle” care box with the blender in it.

Contents of the box:
Oatmeal- breakfast is his favorite meal of the day
Walnuts/Almonds-These are his favorite snacks when on the go
Blender-for his new favorite thing… smoothies
Bigger Loser Book-for continued inspiration
Orbit gum-this gum curves his appetite while he’s hard at work
Oh and what’s a birthday without cake? So, yes I sent my babe a Red Velvet CamiCake and of course I had to personalize it with their own label on the jar. J

He has already received the box and he was so surprised and happy.



  1. What an awesome gift. I did something very similar for my guy on the day he opened his 3rd salon. He said I was the best present giver. And by the looks of it your thinks the same about you. Be thoughtful is also a wonderful gift.

  2. Wow! Good for him! That is a very thoughtful gift. :)

  3. What a thoughtful and healthy gift!

    1. Hey Alli! I wanted to celebrate his day & push him at the same time

  4. That's a very neat and thoughtful gift!

  5. You are too cute! That was so thoughtful of you. Oh and good luck on your weight loss journey as well!

    1. Hey Crisa booh! Awww...thank you. I enjoyed putting the box together for him.