Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Natural hair: I straighten my hair

So look who went from Curly to straight...Me!!!

About a month ago, I decided to have my hair straighten and wear it out for a few days. I was getting my Willow Smith on and whipping my hair back and forth.  Lol
This is my 2nd time having my hair straighten since I went natural. The 1st time I just did it to have my ends clipped last April then I quickly went back to my curls, but this time I kept my hair out for about a  week.
I am really happy with the health of my hair and how my hair has grown. I think I will incorporate straightening my hair out more frequently for versatility.
I kind of missed my straight hair days, but I’m enjoying my natural curls more
If you are natural…have you or do you straighten your hair?
Check out some pics…
Until next time

after wash and before trim

before trim

after trim

after w/ layers


  1. how pretty!!! i'm still growing mine out, no perm, and i'm actually ok with it now. your hair has grown so pretty. very nice bobbie!

    1. Thanks Crisa! I bet your hair has grown quite a bit. I need you to come back...soon! I miss you!