Friday, January 3, 2014

Blogging: Update for blog goals

We are only 3days into the New Year and I have already scratched 2 things off the list of goals for me blogging.  In December I got the ball rolling for my goals. This is what I have done thus far…

-Purchased my domain name

-Created my Facebook page account

This is exciting for me as I am about to get on the ball with my blogging.

If you are on facebook, please head over and like my page.

Until next time….



  1. Yaaayy on your domain name!!! I'm going to check out your Facebook page and show my support. Happy New Year love!!

  2. Alright now! Off to a great start by purchasing your domain and setting up your Facebook page! Heading over to Like your page now!

  3. Good way to start the new year! Go Bobbie!

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  6. Now I would like to see you buy your blog name and take off the blogspot, then write down all your dreams and goals you want to achieve with your brand and site and watch it manifest! Good luck chica!

    1. Tami!!! I am. Your teaching will not be in vain...I'm going to get it done. I promise. Thank you!