Thursday, November 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 8th grade dance

Ok, let me just say….I cannot stand my brother in law. I’m at work…working and all of a sudden I get a text from my brother in law and when I opened it up it was this picture of me and Dejuan Jones at our 8th grade dance at Fellrath Middle School in1987!!! All I could do is LOL.


I used to like Dejuan. It was something about him. We never hit if off romantically, but we have always remained friends.  Thanks for taking me to the 8th grade dance Dejuan *smile*
I wonder what he is doing these days. When I attended our class reunion he was not in attendance and I have not seen or heard anything about Dejuan, but I hope he is doing well.
I loved that dress.…I felt so girly and prissy that day….and my hair was pretty fly I might add too.
I love throw back pics…well some. Lol…
Do you ever look back at pics and be like WOW!!!


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  1. Oh wow!!!! Look at you! I totally remember that hairstyle and those dresses. Yes girl, you were fly! Wait, I graduated high school in '87. Now I feel old again! Thanks Bobbie!