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Blogging: My 2014 plans for the blog

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How many of you bloggers have a business plan for your blog? I was sitting at work and I started thinking of my blog and the direction I want to go with it.  I have been moving real slow with my blog, but now I think it’s time to get it moving along, so I decided to do jot down a few things I want to do with my blog.  My plan is to start-and try-to be completed with this list in 2014.

Now my list in no particular order:
Purchase my domain
Decide on my final color scheme
Attend a blogger conference
Get business cards
Create a media kit
Create a tagline
Blog at least 3times a week
Get my Face Book page up and going for my blog
Continue to network with more like minded bloggers
Work with a brand
Update my about page
Create a blog list to have on the blog

If you are a blogger, what are some of your plans for your blog?



  1. those are all good ideas, bobbie! now let's see if you follow through. lol! although i have to give you some credit. you are blogging more than before and that's a good thing!

    1. Crisa, I know right. Thank you. You are part the reason why I'm doing a little better with blogging. If you see me slipping, I trust you will bring it to my attention... :)

  2. Great ideas! I did the same thing to my blog and it made a HUGE difference in my blog! Next year, I will do the same thing! Great Job, thanx for sharing!

    1. Trista....Thank you. I can't wait to see how my blog will change for the better. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. i'm working on my 2014 business plan for my blog! You have some great ideas! And remember, Type A blogging conference is in Atlanta again next year!

    1. Thank you! I have never heard of Type A blogging conference. I'm gonna look out for that. Thanks for stopping by and giving me that bit of info as well :)

  4. I need a media kit and I have to do my FB Fan Page. I want to go to BlogHer in 2014, I hear that is a great conference. Have you tried SITS Girls? They have wonderful conferences.

    1. Roni...I hear Blogher is a good conference....that and blogalicious. Hmmmm.....I have to check out SITS Girls. Thanks for stopping by :)