Thursday, October 31, 2013

Natural Hair: Braid out and Carols Daughter products review

About a month ago I purchased the Carols Daughters products and was wondering what style I was going to wear.  Then I decided to try the Mimosa Hair Honey and the Natural Butter on a braid out.

My review: these two products here work wonders for my braid out style. The definition was great and my hair was really moisturized (normally my hair is dry) and my hair lasted a week! Naturals live for a hairstyle to last a week…well at least I do.
I have never tried Carols Daughters styling products until now and these two will be added to my Holy Grail list.
If you are a natural or even relaxed, have you tried any Carols Daughter products? How did you like it?
See my hair definition. What ya think?



  1. very cute! you make going natural look so easy!

  2. Really Cute B. Keep that one as one of your looks