Thursday, August 22, 2013

My 41st birthday

With #LEO season about to be over tomorrow, I decided to end the season with my birthday post.

So, guess who celebrated their 41st birthday last weekend?? Yes, you guessed…ME! My birthday was pretty much low-key, but I did manage to get out and have a small celebration dinner with friends and family. But before that the celebration stated at work on last Thursday.

My lovely co-worker, surprised me with 2 dozen cupcakes (I was totally surprised) and they were delish.
Thank you, Sharita!
Then girls from Detroit, my “Platinum Babes/Sistahs/Chicks” had an edible arrangement delivered to me at work, when I tell you this was a surprise as well, because I have never had anything delivered to me personally at my place of employment

As long as my bishes love me!

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Then my evening ended with a few of my co-workers taking me to happy hour at Hudson Grille in Downtown Atlanta

 Friday….I spent the day at the Tax Commissioner Office getting my tag for my car.

Saturday….I celebrated my birthday at Strip Restaurant at Atlantic Station with family and friends.

My girl Jilleon

My niece Ashley

3 beautiful brown chicks-my sisters

The crew
 While at dinner waiting for our cocktails to come I asked each person to give one word to describe me and boy it was funny listening to these words (and the stories they gave behind it). I must say each word/story was so true about me, lol.

Then after we ate, I opened my cards w/ gift cards and cash in them…then the cake came out and my peeps started to sing “Happy birthday to me”

I love that card...there is some truth to it!


Even though it was a gloomy/rainy day on Saturday, I didn’t let that stop a dinner celebration. I mean I made it to another birthday…why not celebrate, right??



  1. that was nice! i finally get a glimpse into bobbie's world! lol! glad you had fun. who cares what the weather was like. :)

  2. Happy BELATED BORN Day my fellow LEO!!!!! Look like you had a lot of FUN festivities... Whelp, you only live once may as well ENJOY IT!!!!

  3. Happy belated Birthday! Those curls were poppin on your b-day!

    1. Hey Trina! Girl, I'm glad Brooklyn was acting right that day...Thanks lady!

  4. Wow! You do not look like you're 41 ! You look so much younger!

  5. Hi Bobbie, I'm Jas and I"m visiting from I just joined BLMGirls on Facebook and wanted to say hi! Please visit and follow me!

    1. Hi Jasmine! Thank you for stopping by, I will most befinately stop by and pay you a visit

    2. Hi Bobbie! P.S. GIRL, your hair color BANGS!!

  6. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a lot of fun! I love your hair!

    1. I was fun and my hair behaved. Lol....thank you!