Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesdays: Smoothies

Hey Y’all…I need to get my life together and get to blogging more, it’s not  that I don’t have anything to say….I just lose track of time with these jobs of mine and a sistah be tired, but I’m going to get better….

Ok, so some or most of you know I am on my getting back to healthy/Weight-loss kick and I try to incorporate different things to help me along on this journey, but as of late I have been on this whole smoothie kick…..and I love it!!!

Now, I’m not that deep in it-yet, but I do have to tell you it’s a good thing.  When I decided to do this, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased me a single serve blender, some fruit and veggies and from there it was on and poppin…

My smoothies consist of: Spinach, bananas, kiwi, strawberries, yogurt, protein powder mix and some type of low calorie juice or flavored water and I must say its quite filling. I don’t do all this at one time…one day may be spinach, bananas and strawberries just depends on my taste buds

If you are on the journey to being healthy or losing weight what are some of the things you to help you along?



  1. whenever i want to lose a few pounds, i do a cleanse or eat less. it usually doesn't last though. i go back and forth with wanting to be thick or thin. if i had a choice, i'd rather be thick! boy, us women are never satisfied are we?