Thursday, June 27, 2013

Me and My Natural Hair

I’ve been natural for over one year now…and I am loving it! But I’m lazy. I don’t do too many different styles with my hair, but I think that may need to change-soon.  My favorite go to style is the bun. See some of my pics below….

Are you natural? What’s your favorite style?



  1. Those are all really cute on you! I'm not natural, still addicted to the creamy crack. More power to y'all natural haired folks! :)

    1. Cris, The funny thing is...I tried going natural not one, not twice, but 3 times and finally got it right, lol. So, glad I did. I still love my "creamy crack sistahs" I ain't mad at y'all. Everything is done in ones one time ;)