Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday: Being Motivated

Hey y’all. I know I have been off when from doing my blogging, especially my Weigh-In Wednesdays posts, but today’s post will not be about me weighing in, but I’m still keeping it relevant to weight loss and being healthy. So, today’s post will be dedicated to someone we all know and have come to love.
We all know her as a comedienne, ac tor and talk show host, and just recently she has lost a lot of weight and on the track to being healthy, and looking damn good,  might I add…who am I talking about?? No one other than……


Mo'nique Then and Now

When I tell you Mo’Nique is doing the dang on thing. I’m so happy for Mo’Nique. She credits her weight loss to working out 5days a week with her trainer and eating healthier.  Mo’Nique is truly my motivation for this week and going forward on my weight-loss and being healthy.
Follow Mo’Nique on twitter @moworldwide as she tweets about her workouts and encourage others along the way.

What is your motivation to continue on your weight loss journey?



  1. She is definitely doing the dang thang! Baby girl looks amazing! I started working out again this past Monday and to be completely honest, I am feeling better in just a few days because of the foods that I've been eating and the foods I've been staying away from. This time around, I have a good friend who is dedicated to working out with me and we have agreed to be each others accountability partners. I think we will push each other to reach our goals.

    1. Hey lady...

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Good for you, having and having a workout patner is a big plus!Keep going, don't stop!! oh and lady, you know how to cook, so I bet those meals are delsih....after seeing Mo'Nique I am more motivated than before. Keep me posted on how things are coming along with your lifestyle change. :)