Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Thanksgiving 2012: Road trip home

Hello my fellow readers....First, let me apologize...NO PICS TODAY. But please continue reading. I have been so bad lately with the whole blogging; I am truly neglecting my baby and its a no-no. It was never my intention when I started my blog, but with working a full-time and a part-time job and just added working out back into my daily routine time get away from me and the little time I do have all I want to do is SLEEP!!! But I couldn't leave for vacation and not give you a little something here on the blog. It's been a while.

Me, my sister, brother-in-law and niece are taking a road trip back home this year to spend Thanksgiving in Michigan-and I am so excited. The weather is going to be great and hopefully I will be able to attend the Thanksgiving Day Parade this year without freezing, lol. I am looking forward to seeing my aunt who is currently battling Dementia and my 2nd Mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is currently in remission-Thank you God! So, its a must I go home and love all over my family because they are near and dear to me.  Oh, and did I mention all the food I'm going to be around?? OMG!! Looking forward to some Turkey and Dressing with my favorite dessert of all time German Chocolate Cake.  So, with that being said, I want to list a few things I am thankful for.

I am thankful for:

God waking me up each and EVERYDAY!!!
Good Health and a sound mind
Loving family and friends
Not one,but two jobs
Shelter and food
and of course.....YOU reading this.  Thank you for coming by and showing my blog some love :)

What are some of the things you are thankful for? What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

I'm wishing you and your families a wonderful and safe holiday.



  1. Have fun on your trip! I am thankful for family, life, friends, and my experiences. For Thanksgiving dinner is at my house so I will be cooking and preparing food for my family. I also plan to do a little shopping for Black Friday.

    1. I plan on having a good time. Enjoy you family and shopping. :)

  2. Beautiful post. I think it is normal to have times where the blog needs some quiet time; at least I am guilty. Life happens. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels. XOXO #blmgirls

    1. Thank you Pascha! My Thanksgiving was wonderful and thank you for your traveling mercies. I'm going to take the next month and decide on my blogging....changes, ow often i will blog etc...