Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Product Review: Hair Perfection

As most of you know I’ve been natural for 6months now and my product junkie addiction is far from over and I'm always looking for something to try :).
I am an avid YouTube viewer and I subscribe to several channels when it comes to natural hair and one of my favorite YouTubers is CoilyHeadChick.  When I tell you her hair is fly all the time whether it’s in a wash n’ go (her main style) or a twist out. She’s one of my hair idols.
Over the last few months, CoilyHeadChick teased her viewers/followers with a product that was leaving her wash n’ go oh so fabulous and you know we all wanted to know what she was using, because we naturals trust her judgment with ANY product she uses, so we needed dibs on what she was using. Well on one fabulous August day (the 19th to be exact) she revealed to her viewers the product she had been using all this time was her very own product…..Hair Perfection-No more bad hair days. As soon as she gave the stock date I set a reminder on my phone so that I would not miss out.

I’ve had my bottle of Hair Perfection for a few weeks now and I wanted to give it a try out a few different ways before I did a review.  I used it with a couple of different leave-in conditioners and by its self, and it works better for me with the kinky curly knot today leave-in conditioner.

Love that it comes with a pump

My review: I like it a lot. It defined my curls, and the shine is the bomb, so far I’ve only gotten 2day hair using the product-solely due to me. I’m sure I can probably get at least 3day hair. The price is comparable to most other higher-end brands as well. I will be purchasing Hair Perfection again.

Look at those curls....

Hair Perfection is $20 for 16oz bottle.
Disclaimer: like with any product you have to find out what works for your hair type. Results will differ
**I was not asked by CoilyHeadChick to do a review and the product was purchased with my own $$
If you are natural this is a product you may want to give a try. visit the website:

Below is CoilyHeadChick tutorial on using Hair Perfection


  1. I've never heard of this company. Your hair looks great though. #BLMGirls

  2. Pretty curls. Did it still look this nice once dry?

    1. Hi Jae.....yes! I liked it much better dry

  3. Nice! I love your curls!!!!

    1. Marie.....thank you! And thanks for reading & comnenting

  4. I have worn my hair curly but after the first day hmm. Love yours!

  5. its really fantastic blog . its realy informational and a such a good job. i love this review