Monday, September 17, 2012

40 Fun Facts about me

I thought I would do something fun and different with this blog post today. So, I decided to give my readers and my fellow blogger friends some “fun facts” about me. It’s exactly 30days to the day that I turned the BIG 4-0 so I decided to give “40 fun facts” about me. These facts are in no particular order

  1. I read blogs daily. All through out the day 
  2. I just became natural 6 months ago.  I had about 5 ½ inches of my hair cut 
    From this

    To this...1 month natural
    3.I’m slowly become a product junkie…but the addiction is fun and can be expensive
    4.I’m the youngest of 4 girls and I have 2 sisters named Mary
    5.I’m originally from Inkster, MI (30 mins outside of Detroit) and I currently reside in Atlanta, GA
    6.I once was not a reality TV show person; that quickly changed. Patiently awaiting on the Reality show 
    7.I love New York City. I visit there every year (with the exception of this year I visited Miami).
    I love this pic
    8.Yes, I refer to my coily/curly hair in 3rd person and her name is Brooklyn Curls
    9. Did I mention I love T.I? its something about that man
   10. I do not like Seafood. Well, I only like Shrimp.
   11. I love old school hip-hop. A Tribe Called Quest is my favorite group
   12. Basketball is my 1st love and Football is my side piece. Yes, I cheat J
   13. My friends think I should be a Life Coach. I beg to differ. I’m just a good listener and try to help
   14. I’m currently in the process of being an certified Wedding/Event Planner
   15. I’m currently enrolled and in the process of getting my Degree in Marketing
   16. I wanted to have a career working in Sports (Basketball)
   17. I ran track in high school
   18. I’m the happiest when I’m with my family, friends and in New York City
   19. People say I look like Angie Stone. I sure wish I had her $$ and voice. 
    What do you say? Is there any resemblence?
    20. I don’t have any kids
    21. I love reading about fabulous women who are doing it big 
    22. My favorite color is Brown
    23. I have no rhythm, so I don’t dance much
    24. I’m very shy contrary to what most believe
    25. I must have my mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss
    26. Even thought I travel often; I’m still extremely scared to fly the friendly skies
    27. Eating Key Lime Pie, Red Velvet Cake or German Chocolate Cake is my hobby, lol
    28. I Love Mexican Food
    29. Fall is my favorite season
    30. I would rather text than talk on the phone
    31. I love accessories
    32. I have one tattoo
    33. I’m a Facebook and Instagram junkie. I have to get better with Twitter
    34. I’m up most days at 4:45a and my work day starts at 7a
    35. I have a full and part time job
    36. I love Gummi Bears (target brand)
    I love favorite snack
    37. I literally just started wearing dresses-literally!
    38. I have 3 nieces and 3 nephews. I am also a great-auntie to 5 nieces and 6 nephews
    39. I have a passion to want to work in Public Relations
    40. I try to live daily by this:

Well there you have it some random, but interesting fun facts about me.

Tell me 1 or 2 facts about you



  1. I loveeee this Bobbie:) Every Blogger should do this! Dang now I guess it's my turn. Lol

    1st I am a LIBRA at all times born October 7th.
    2nd I have a natural high which causes me to be silly and funny.

    1. SO SO...I love calling you that, LOL. I love you natural high. I couldn't imagine you no other way. And yes...your turn ;)

  2. Love this!! I just did something similar on my blog yesterday

    1. Forever young n Fab....thanks for commenting and I'm going to check your blog out right now

  3. This was cute! I did a similar post a few months back. I did 15 things about me. We (you and I) have somethings in common girl!! Especially that MEXICAN FOOD and FALL SEASON!

    1. Bernetta....we have got to meet over Mexican one day :)

  4. You do resemble Angie Stone! Congrats on that big chop! :-)

  5. Purrfectly Me.....Thank you, lady! Girl, its too funny I get it all the time. Thank for the compliment on my big chop :)

  6. You have inspired me to share things about myself. I think I may do that this week. You are such an inspiration.

  7. Now I know you 40 more times better. ;)

  8. Gummy bears are one of my favorite snacks as well. Visiting from BLM!