Thursday, August 23, 2012

Traveling: Day of Travel

Alright, Today is the day I prepare to take off to Miami and then cruise over to the Bahamas with family and friends. Just a few important things I will need as I head to the airport and prepare for take off

1.       My passport

2.       My smartphone with my flight info for check in

3.       My magazine

4.       A light sweater

5.       Gummi Bears( I love these and yes this brand they are best)

Then it will be wheels up and I will be on my way to South Beach then to the bahamas.
What are some of your must haves when you are traveling?



  1. Safe travels! I went on a Miami/Bahamas vacay back in May :)

  2. 1. Slim Jim - Gross, I know....
    2. Water
    3. O Magazine
    4. Phone ---> Need to do my blogging
    5. Sunglasses: Self professed people watcher. Need my shades on wherever I go!