Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Music

Who doesn’t love music? Whether you’re old school or new school, Music is a part of our everyday life. We listen to it in our car, while working out, while on the train to work, sometimes even during work.
Below is just a few songs from my IPod that can get me dancing a little or a lot or simply just bobbing my head to the beat.

Mary Mary-God in Me:  I listen to this almost daily. It’s a good start to my day
Mary Mary-Go Get it:  It reminds me of what I’m working for and towards. I’m going to get my blessing
Sounds of Blackness- Optimistic:  This song here I have been listening to for a long time. When I’m feeling down, I just turn this on and it lifts my spirit
Queen Pen-Party Aint A Party:  This song has always gotten me hype whenever it comes on. Oh and yes a girl is having a birthday in a few weeks and this will be my theme song
Jay-Z/Alicia Keys-Empire State of Mind:  I LOVE NEW YORK, and I want to move there one day and when this song came out it stayed on repeat seems like forever.
Beyonce-Crazy in Love:  Not only is this a good cute song for someone new in love or currently in love, but it’s also a good work out song too
Kanye West-Good life:  I just love Kanye!
Tribe Called Quest:  Electric Relaxation. Yeah, I’m old school to heart. The laid back beat is the best on this song
Janet Jackson-Control: Who didn’t think they didn’t have control when this song came on?
Notorious Big:  juicy. I used to read Word Up magazine, lol
Drake-Fancy: This is the perfect song after you just gotten done having a pamper day and about to hit the party with the girls later. Hair done, Nails done, everything big. You fancy, huh?
DMX-How It Going Down: "X" was my dude back in the day
Tupac-California Love: This song makes me want to visit California one day
I have probably told my age here, but all I can say is that, I will be having a milestone birthday in about 9days. ~smile~
So, this is just a few of my songs on my list? What are some songs that get you through you day or just simply make you feel better?


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  1. Great list! Love God In Me, Optimistic and Crazy in Love :)