Friday, July 20, 2012

Traveling: Packing Light

Last month I started a 1 of 3 part series on traveling. The first part was “Planning Girlfriends Get-a-way” In the 2nd series we will be focusing on “Packing Light”.
Alright, it’s unlikely you will need your Sunday’s best clothes on vacation, so to avoid trying to pack everything in your closet for your next trip; I have given you a few things to consider before packing.
With most-if not all- of the airlines starting to charge luggage fees, most people are opting for carrying a carry-on instead of checking a bag.  Some airlines do not charge for a carryon luggage, but then that where things can get a little tricky, because your suitcase has to be a specific height and weight
The problem that we women -and some men-always ask our self, what should I pack? How can all my belongings get in this small luggage? Etc, etc…well below is where I can help you get just about most of you things in your carry-on without over packing
1.       Luggage Restrictions: Your carry-on luggage should be 22” or smaller, it has to comfortably fit in the over head compartment on the airplane or under your seat in front of you. *consider luggage that give you the option to carry and/or pull.

2.       Attire: Consider you attire at least 2 weeks before you are scheduled to depart.  See what needs to go and what can be left behind, keep in mind to mix and match items. Some items such as jeans can be worn at least twice with different tops.  Take into consideration the activities and such you will be doing at the destination of your choice, you want to be chic, but also as comfortable as possible. Items to consider for packing: sundresses, tops and maybe a pair of jeans *check the weather periodically for the city you will be traveling  to decide on what exactly to pack*


3.        Shoes: Make sure your shoes are all multi-purpose shoes. They should be able to be worn more than one time during your trip. One pair of tennis shoes (and 1pair of socks), one pair of sandals and a pair of heels should suffice during the duration of your trip. *if you are traveling for more than 3days you may want to add another pair of sandals and/or heels*

4.    Makeup: Ladies, our makeup you already know we can’t leave home without it…some of us have lots and lots of makeup that we may carry with us daily or just have a lot of period. For a quick trip consider the basics to travel with you: lipstick/lipgloss, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and foundation and maybe a few extra small items

5.       Accessories: The same apply to #4 less is better, but bring items you can use multiple times with attire such as: scarves, earrings etc…..

6.       Toiletries restrictions: Travel size toiletries should be 3oz or less to be in your carry-on luggage.*if it more than 3oz it will be confiscated by TSA* and should be in a quart size Ziploc bag or bag seen below.

Now that you have decided on the top six above now is the time to pack your bag. Happy packing!


*photos via google


  1. Thank you for the helpful information! :)

    1. are so welcome. Thank you for commenting

  2. I think this post is meant for meeeee… I always carry to much STUFF when traveling on working on doing better! lol


    1. LA I'm sure you will do better

  3. Love the sandals, nothing like them!