Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Natural Hair Meet-up: Atlanta

This past Saturday I had the pleasure to host a small meet-up with some local Natural sisters in the Atlanta Area. Since becoming natural myself, I thought it would be beneficial for me to meet other local naturals and talk natural hair (since I’m a newbie) amongst other things.

I signed up on a natural hair forum by the name of curlynikki, where I introduced myself to millions of natural ladies and shortly after that that’s where the bonding began. After a couple of weeks went by of chatting back and forth some of the ladies suggest we should meet since we had one thing in common, that’s where the planner in me came out.

I planned for us to meet at The Cheesecake Factory at 2pm for lunch and that’s where we discussed:
How we all became natural
The pros and cons of being natural
Products used
And so much more

Listening to each of these ladies stories on becoming natural was great, I was in awe, most of them has been natural for atleast a year or more, so I was the youngest (hair wise) there hosting a meet- up. WOW!! I think I did great at heading our discussions and everything flowed well. The ladies was so nice, we all exchanged information Maybe I can do this again sometime in the near future.

The forum that I’m apart of is called CurlyNikki and the website is
Do you know of any naturals that is loving their journey? Are you a natural and loving your journey?

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  1. Its your girl Jilleon. I knew I was in trouble when I got Phyllis's disapproving eye, wanting an explanation on why I have not made any views or dropped comments. I must admit the look gave me shivers "oh boy". But seriously I have watched Bobbie on her natural journey and I have seen such a change in my friend. She is enjoying her time now and having fun.

  2. yes,i always natural,and love natural!