Thursday, July 19, 2012

CurlBox-My 1st box

If you’re anything like me; the thought of getting goodies in that mail is almost like Christmas time and Natural hair products are just the best now that I’m newly natural.

Last month, I happen to be strolling around on the CurlyNikki site and saw some threads about CurlBox will be opening up subscriptions soon; the date was given so I put an alert on my phone so that I can possibly get in on CurlBox.  Then I received an email stating the subscription will open up on June 16th (yes, I remembered the date, lol) at 2pm.  Yes, I was ready on that Saturday afternoon. I made sure I had nothing plan until after so that I wouldn’t miss out, lol.  I signed up and then a few weeks later I received an email stating my CurlBox has been shipped, I was like OMG yes!, my box is on the way.

Ok, ok, enough about me being extra ecstatic about my CurlBox, let me give you a little information about it.
CurlBox was founded by Chief Experienced Officer Myleik Teele. CurlBox is a monthly based subscription service that provides natural hair products for $20 a month that offer full-size and sample products.
See what came in this month’s CurlBox:

How cute is the box

The contents of the box

All this month goodies and loads of information

Yes, your eyes are not fooling you, those are 8oz of the Motions Naturally You Cleansing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner

As you can see, you can try a few different products for just $20 a month and in addition to the products you get a monthly pamphlet from Myleik herself with loads of good information. This month’s pamphlet was all about “Taking Risks,” and how CurlBox came about. I felt as if she wrote that message to me personally. Myleik, also stated how they are inspired by Bloggers, (see Mae of Natural Chicka on front of pamphlet) that makes me happy being a new blogger myself.

Review: I have already tried the Motions Conditioner it lathered on my hair really well and it has good slip, a little perfumy, but overall  the conditioner works great

For this to be my first CurlBox, Myleik and her team DID NOT disappoint.

I can’t WAIT for my August box

If you are currently transitioning to natural hair, currently natural, I suggest you sign up to become a subscriber to CurlBox.  You will NOT be disappointed
 Visit CurlBox at


  1. It's a little difficult to see the contents in the box. Regardless, this box definitely looks like a great investment. I was just reading someone else's post on this.

    1. Yes, it is a great investment. Glad I signed up. Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  2. Ohhh, I thought about signing up. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Missfoodiefash.....yes, sign up. I'm sure you will not be disappointed. Get on the waiting list so you won't miss out. :)