Monday, July 23, 2012


This month’s Birchbox collaborated with Glamour Magazine Beauty Editors to bring to life the 5 senses of summer: See it, Hear it, Taste it, Touch it, Smell it. I love getting my monthly Birchbox; every month there is something to look forward too.

Check out this month’s goodies:

-Color Club Blue Ming Green-Turquoise Nail Polish, Full Size $8 (see)
-Gloss Moderne High Gloss Masque vitamin rich conditioning for all hair to restore bounce and shine, Full Size $39 (touch)
-Harvey Prince Eau Flirt, Full Size $55-$98 (smell)
-Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion, Full Size $29 (see)
-Suki Balancing Kit calms and purifies troubled skin, leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated, Full Size $40 (touch)
-LARABAR satisfying bars with dried nuts and fruits, Variety Pack of 16, $27.95 (taste)
-Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds (hear)
The ear buds I’m already using….I’m glad I received them because I was using my lame gray ones and would have never thought to pick up a pair of blue/pink ones. They are actually cute.

Lara uber bar: I love granola bars, but the Lara uber Bar, ehh…it was ok.  A good snack to have on the go. Not sure if I would purchase on my own.

Birchbox definately touched all senses this month.

Overall…this month’s birch box was ok, but again what is there to complain about when it’s only $10 a month.

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  1. Great post. I love getting my monthly Birchbox in the mail. I see your items were completely different from mine. I'll have to do a post soon on what I received.

    1. Erica.....yes! I love getting our monthly box. I can't wait to read your post. Thanks for coming to my world :)

  2. I don’t subscribe but I think I am pretty much convinced now! Look like a great deal of good stuff!


    1. LA's a great service. I've had it for 3 mos now, its a way to try different products. Give it a try :)

  3. Ughhhhh Im Jealous! I'm still on the waiting list :(

    1. Marie....oh no! I hope it opens soon. I was on this particular service wait list for 1 month.