Friday, June 15, 2012

Traveling: Planning a girlfriend’s get-a-way

If you’re anything like me, I love to travel and what way to have a more exciting time than planning a trip with fabulous girlfriends. In August, I am planning a trip to Miami then I will then cruise over to Nassau, Bahamas with friends and family, to be exact there will be eleven of us.
To insure that the trip will be fun and pleasurable for all attending here are a few things that one should consider when planning a girlfriend get-a-way

1.       Select your girlfriends who you wish to accompany you on this trip-you want to make sure these are the girlfriends you can have a grand time with and all can get along for a few days.
2.       Select a date -make sure to give your friends ample time to plan as well most may have families and jobs to get situated before they can leave for the get-a-way
3.       Select a fun city to visit or a cruise-Cruise travels are less expensive and offer good rates depending on the time of year, or you can never go wrong visiting cities such as New York (my favorite), Miami, Atlanta, Chicago or Las Vegas. There is always something fun to do in any of these places(make it a group decision on the final destination of choice)
4.       Plan an itinerary- This is not necessary in some cases, but  just keep in mind that each person may not want to do the same thing as another person, so ask your girlfriends what is it that they would like to do/see in the destination of choice and try to accommodate-if possible
5.       Select method of getting to destination-decide if it’s feasible to book flights or make it a road trip.
6.       Research lodging-Ok, I’m a frugal girl, but when I’m out of town I like to stay in nice hotels within the city limits; which can be often expensive. Don’t forget to check outlets such as Travelzoo, Travelocity and Priceline or AAA for deals. Side note: if you are a government employee you can possibly get a discount with your employee I.D. so please mention at the time of booking
7.       Transportation(if you decide to book a flight)-renting a car can be expensive when traveling to save $$, you may want to consider walking around the city, taking a taxi, or the transit system
8.       Be safe in your destination of choice, never go out alone, ALWAYS use the buddy system, takes tons of pictures for memories and most of all have lots and lots of fun…..its MANDATORY!!!!!

Do you have any trips planned for the summer? Will they include your girlfriends?


**Update: This will be a 3-parter. The next post will be on packing-traveling light

New York City

South Beach, Florida

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