Friday, May 4, 2012

World Natural Hair Show 2012

Last weekend April 28 and April 29, Atlanta hosted the World Natural Hair Show that took place at the Georgia International Convention Center in College Park, GA.  This is the time where all natural ladies and gentlemen's(who wear locs) favorite brand are all together under one roof with all our favorite products to try and purchase at discounted prices. Disclaimer: some brands offer discounts and some not so much

This was my first time attending since I became natural and I must say it was an experiece for my first time.  I have never seen so many vendors in one place and all was mostly related to natural hair and naturals came from all over, that's how serious this show is to naturalistas, lol. I did not attend both days, I only attended Sunday and from what I heard that was the best day to be there....fewer lines, less people and extra discounts since that was the last day-a plus.

I bought a few items for my hair there but mostly I just walked around and took everything in and asked lots of questions to natural hair connoisseurs and enthusiasts.  I watched demostrations of different hairstyles that took place there.

Overall, I enjoyed  the WNHS since this was my first time. I will definately be in attendance at the next one and I will be ready to buy lots of products, because I'm sure I will have a little more hair by then to style.

Please forgive me for not having pictures; I forgot my camera at home, smh

Have you attended the WNHS befrore? What are your thoughts about the show if you attended?

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