Monday, April 23, 2012

My natural hair journey 1-month post Big Chop

Last weekend marked one month since I did the “Big Chop.” I am truly happy with my new natural style. It’s easy and simple (for right now) and the maintenance is low. Also, to celebrate my one month anniversary I decided to color my whole head the color is Honey Blonde.

Currently, I care for my natural tresses by co-washing daily with conditioner only (Garnier Frutis or Herbal Essence), adding Extra Virgin Olive Oil for moisturizing and Gel(IC Fantasia or Eco Styler) as my styler.

I can not wait to see how my hair has grown by month two.  This is so exciting for me. Maybe by then I will be able to do a twist-out. Keeping my finger crossed. J

See my one month pic below. What do you think?

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