Friday, April 6, 2012

My 1-day trip to Jacksonville, FL

Last Saturday I took a short trip to Jacksonville, FL. Just something quick to get a change of scenery from the A.T.L. so we hopped in the car and drove the 5 hours.

I have never been to Florida, but I am planning a trip to Miami for my birthday in August.  But my sister called me spur of the moment, while I was out and about, and asked me if I would ride with her to Jacksonville, so I was like yes! How is that for being spontaneousJ? So, I met her at her job to park my car and we headed out….ROAD TRIP!!! I have fun with that girl when we do road trips…talking, laughing etc….

We got there super late on Saturday, but Sunday was perfect.  The weather was just right and the sun was shining bright, just how it should be in Florida.  Me, my sister and niece just walked the river taking it all in.  Then we decided to take a taxi water ride up the river, simply relaxing and the breeze was just right for that Sunday afternoon.

Then we decided to stop and get a bite to eat and catch a little of the basketball game, so we decided to eat at Hurricane Bar & Grill, the food was delish.  I had the Shrimp Quesadilla, My sister had the fried pickles and a salad, and my niece had a cheeseburger.  After we were done eating it was time to get on the road and make it back to the A.T.L, but not before we stopped and played the Mega Millions, lol

Overall, I loved how spontaneous I was this past weekend.  I am such a planner and almost would have never done such a thing without thinking it out just a little more.

If you are looking for something quick to do and need a change just for the moment, I suggest hitting up the next closest state to you and make it a ROAD TRIP!!!!

Check out a few pics of the river. It was so relaxing.


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