Sunday, March 4, 2012

Going Natural is almost overrated …for me

I want in the “Natural Hair” Sorority or so I thought lol.

I decided to go natural after watching my niece hair grow into a healthy state within the last 2 years(check out her YouTube tutorials @awills104), her hair is simply beautiful and that is not an understatement, so with that being said my last relaxer was in December 2011.

Fast forward to now….My hair is crazy thick and I do not know what to do and at this point I do not want to big chop and I am still in the very beginning stages of this transformation.  My mind keep telling me to perm it, but my heart says….”stick it out”

The problem I’m really having is styling. I wash my hair every week and proceed to my two-strand twist out, but after 2 days my hair does not last, mainly because my hair still have a lot of relaxer in it, so after the 2 days I resort back to a ponytail and that is just not grown and sexy to me all the time. What’s a woman to do?

I am not my hair, but I used to be. I’m going to give this going “natural” a try through August; hopefully by then I would have found me a style that I can manage and if not….I just may go back to the creamy crack, just maybe.

Are you natural or relaxed?



  1. Its VERY overrated and after two days you have a rats nest, over it! #fail

    1. Tami, I'm going to give it a try a lil longer, if I can't get my patience under control with this hair of mine perm here I