Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Chop…I did it!

A few weeks ago I did a post on natural hair and how I felt like it was over-rated. Well as of today it’s been a week since I decided to do the “BIG CHOP.” 

When I initially decided to go natural, I was going to just be patient and grow my perm out with the length that it was, but as time went on my hair became unmanageable to me, so I hade to figure something out if I was not going back to relaxers, so that when I made an appointment with Dana @ hair rox here in Atlanta to cut my hair.

I decided that once it was cut I would try to attempt the curly hair, so it can grow big and I would continue it that way.  Below, you will see the different stages of my hair leading up to the BIG CHOP.

March 2009

December 2011-just had the front cut

The Big Chop March 2012 3 1/2 inches gone. There is a lil shrinkage due to my gel, but overall I'm loving my hair and the new color
Oh, by the way…my hair has not been cut this short since 1989. So this was kind of semi-drastic for me

What do you think of my change? Would you ever consider cutting your hair to start over?


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