Sunday, February 12, 2012

My time!

Happy Sunday!!!!

Whew! What a change of events these last few days has been in my family life, nothing real major but it took up some time that I needed to myself and I had to make it about my family; which I am totally fine with. So, starting today I have to fit some time in for me.

In addition to me working my full-time job-and part-time job, deciding if I will go back to school or not and trying to handle a long distant relationship, I have taken on some other commitments that are starting today and will go at least thru April. I will be one little busy bee, but I am excited to take all this on (yes, I’m, but all this that I am doing will help me physically, mentally and career wise over time.

I will be posting about these commitments and giving my input, but I want to jump feet in first and get a feel for each one before I post about it on the blog. 

But for now, I’m going to enjoy my Sunday and hope that you will be doing the same.

Until next time…..


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