Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Super Bowl Snack

One of the things on my bucket list is to start cooking more and limit my eating out. I’m not much of a cooker and my work week can be very hectic, so I need something quick to prepare most days. So, I figured why not start with my snack that I had prepared for Super Bowl XLVI.

Super Bowl is where you get together with friends and family and enjoy the game and good, good food and snacks. Well this year, there was only a party of one…yes, just me. It was great, very relaxing and a whole lot of yelling by myself for the Giants.  But what’s a Super Bowl party of 1 or 50 without good food, so I decided to make something real quick, easy and little time consuming. That’s when I decided to cook me some Shrimp Nachos.

Here is what is needed to prepare your nachos:

Meat of your choice (I used Shrimp)
Taco Seasoning
Tortilla Chips
Queso Cheese Dip(in the dairy section)
Red, Yellow, Green Peppers(I used frozen veggie mix, but you can use fresh veggies)
Sour Cream


In a non- stick skillet pour 2 teaspoons of oil (I used canola)
Wash your meat (if chicken or shrimp)
Add your meat to the already heated skillet
Add your taco seasoning, cook until done
Now, turn on your oven to 300 and place your tortilla chips on a pan to warm (use your kitchen timer for this, set at 4mins)
Prepare in another skillet to sauté your veggie mix (season with a little pepper)
Prepare your Queso Cheese Dip in the microwave (follow directions on container)

Once everything is done which should take no more than 10 mins…..

Get your dinnerware and prepare your plate in this order:

Tortilla Chips
Queso Cheese Dip
Veggie stir-fry
Meat of your choice
Sour cream

There you have it a quick and simple meal/snack to enjoy while watching the game. This meal took me less than 15mins.  I started my preparations at 5:45pm and was done and in front of the TV at 5:59. Also, all my ingredients (minus the shrimp) I had to purchase and my grocery bill came to $9.09, not bad, huh?  Take a look at the finished results

 It was very good. How does it look?


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