Friday, October 21, 2011

In need of.....

What were you thinking when you saw the title? Well I am not in need of anything monetary or such, but what I am in need of is a mentor.  You're probably asking why? Well, I need someone who is doing the same thing I want to wise, to help guide, offer words of wisdom and possibly show me the way.

At this point in my life I'm looking to change my career.  Currently, I work for the State of Georgia in health benefits and I have been doing this for 4yrs now, but I have been in the medical field for a total of 13yrs....time for a change.

Here recently I have been trying to test the waters in Event Planning and Public Relations.  I follow so many people on twitter that is in PR and I get excited every time I read their tweets.  I guess you can say twitter is a form of a mentor, because even though I don't know my twitter friends personally, but their tweets is very inspiring.

But my question do I go about finding a mentor? Is this something you ask of someone, or is this something a person seeks out to be unknowingly?

Do you have a mentor? Have you been a mentor to someone? If so, how having a mentor has helped?


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