Sunday, June 19, 2011

Step-kids and the other woman

I have been dating since I was about the age of 16 years old.  Throughout that time I have been in two long term relationships (eight years each) and have dated a lot of guys in between. I have dealt with some of the usual drama in those relationships, but one thing I have yet to deal with is a man who has kids from a previous relationship and the drama that comes along with it. Am I considered lucky?

I was texting with a girlfriend of mine, I will call her “M,” she is dating a man who has a child with someone else and the child mother does not want to meet “M” or want to have anything to do with “M” and would rather “M” stay out her space.  WTH!!! I can’t wrap it around my head why some women act like this. What person does not want to know who are around their kids? What I can say to a woman who does this is…deal with your emotions for the child sake, oh and the other woman as well.

What I can tell you about “M” is that she is a truly a good person does not a mean bone in her body, she has a good spirit and for her to be with a man whom she love and he loves her and now they are at the level of their relationship to where it’s time to meet the kids and to know the kids mother is trying to block it is crazy to me.

I can only hope that I-when the time presents-that I will not act in such a way. Actually, I’m looking forward to being a step-mom one day.

I hope women can put their feelings about their past with the child father to the side and do what is best for the child. After all it does take a village to raise a child, right?

Ladies, have you ever been in this situation before? How did you get past it?

Let’s discuss…


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