Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girlfriend Appreciation Day has deemed April 13 as “Girlfriend Appreciation Day.” Therefore, when I realized the definition of this day, I had to send shout-outs to my four best sister-friends via text first thing this morning.  Now my girls are far and near and even thought I do not see or talk with them everyday (with the exception of one), I am always thinking of them and I know they are only a phone call, car drive, or a plane ride away. My girls are my…homies, down for me; I am down for them type of thing.   Therefore, without much ado, I am going to give you a brief run down and introduction on why my girls are my sister-friends and that I celebrate them everyday not just April 13th. Now, in no particular order….

Me and Lolita has been cool since we both worked at Detroit Metro Airport many years ago. I would see her at the newsstands and most days we would speak when we worked close by each other, but one day, I went over to the newsstand and just had a brief  general conversation with her it just clicked that we needed to be friends and it has been that way ever since.  We both have been though some good times and bad times, particularly with both of us dealing with the loss of our mothers within a month’s time (2000) and of the same illness.  She and I were definitely each other rocks during that time. She is a good sounding board. The good out weighs the bad. Just recently, I got another brother-n-law because Lolita was married earlier this month. I am so happy for her and she deserves all the happiness in the world.

I met Tre while we both worked at Southern Regional Hospital 6yrs ago. She is the sweetest person I know-for real. There should be more people in the world like her and I am so glad we became friends instantly. She is my homie (she’s from Michigan too) always down for me.  I love when Tre and I get together for some much needed girl time and catch up over adult drinks. She has always been my cheerleader when I lose or not keeping faith in me or in something that is near and dear to me. She is the one telling me “You can do this,” “You got this,” and “Everything will be just fine.”

Now this friendship here has taken me by surprise, but glad it has blossomed.  Jilleon and I became friends about 3yrs ago working for the State of Georgia. Me being a newbie at the State of Georgia asked one to two questions about my job functions  lead to her being my roll dawg, oh and my human GPS to getting around to Atlanta (smile). She is truly a good person and there is no duplicate out there like her. She is a true definition of a good sister-friend

Where do I begin? I can go on and on here, Tracy and I can write a book, a bestseller. Tracy and I met back in high school junior year in biology class. We have been through it all, you name it we probably have done it, or been there. She is the homie, roll dawg, my ride or die friend.  Tracy has seen me at my worst and at my best and has never changed during all of my transitions.

Each of these women plays a big part in my life. I could not imagine not having them around and receiving their unconditional love. They are the definition of sister-friends.


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