Monday, January 24, 2011

Who would play you?

I was sitting in my room watching a movie and as I was paying attention to some of the actors and actresses that was in the movie, my mind started to wonder if my life would be made into a movie who would I want to play me and most importantly would I want to sing the soundtrack to my movie. After a day or two of  pondering on this question the person I would chose to play me would be Viola Davis(Antwone Fisher, 2002) and the person I chose to sing the soundtrack for the movie would be Angie Stone(people say we resemble). I would get about two or three kids to play me in my younger life, but Viola Davis would be the main character for me in my adult life from 18 years to current.

I am most excited because this movie would take place in my city I was raised in and not the actual city of Detroit. Yes, even though I no longer still live in Michigan, I can’t forget where I came from.

I have not decided on a name for my movie, just yet but when I do I would be sure to let you know and maybe it would be coming to a movie theatre close to you….lol

What actor or actress would play you and what recording artist would you want to sing the soundtrack of your life?

Can’t wait to read who you selected


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