Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year! 2010 is now behind us as we look to the present 2011.

Watch night service was on fire last night as Pastor Gary Taylor at OWCM, spoke about being Focused for 2011.Personally, I felt Pastor Taylor was speaking directly to me, as he knew I did not follow thru or focus on what I needed to do this past year. You see, 2010 was not a bad year for me, but it could have been better if only I had stayed FOCUSED.  It's never too late to start what you didn't finish-NEVER!

Now, you are probably wondering what I am gonna focus on this year well there are three things....
-Being a better person than what I was last year

As I list the "Keys to Focus"  I am sure most have heard these things before, but it doesn't hurt to hear then again. If this list help you, please take a minute to copy and paste in a word document so that you will have it handy at all times.

The "Keys to Focus" are:
1. Understand champions fight
2.Understand your source
3.Meditate to get strength
4.Forget your past
5.Maintain your level of faith
6. Establish a relationship with focused people
7. Always be open to positive change
8.Keep your vision in front of you
9.Read and hear things that feed your faith
10.Stay away from naysayers
11.Remind yourself of your reason
12.Always focus on what God has said and declared over your life

With that being said, what are you focused on for 2011?...I would love to know.


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